ASS-TO-ASS-FUSION: Sakara Records, buttock Efforts? 

Domestic kurapaskaäänitettä publishing Sakara Records has been trying to expand its operations by force and opaque quietly gay porn side. A company that tried to keep secret failed dramatically when NoSORIn smarmy and pervasive supply got these appalling sodomy enthusiasts caught in the act of an unsuspecting and an unnamed lemiläisen boy band tour bus! Sakara Records Hynne Jarkäs how to comment on this shock news? – Well, I have to guess it has to offer: umpihomojahan here we are. The operation is to put it mildly left shoulder and went to more of a growing extent the chocolate department. Jarkäs Flick pink puudeliaan and sip a glass of kuohuavaa. Hynne Jarkäksellä wearing a leather cap and Japanese peg pants (HotLips, 449 e – Gary’s 7700 e). Muscular arms at the ends of the Hennes & Pennis-cuffs (666 e), and Jorma shapes of planned irtokynnet Leo (5 e per se). Iitiän village ash doors cleans this man! – Meijän have started out just as a hobby and love stronger sex, but at some point we found this to be more than hobby. White chocolate chocolates planting had become a way of life. – Sakara Records SUBSIDIARIES buttock efforts method we are able to share their beloved hobby of other men. We stand by all four of each other’s back and we are confident that the gadgetry, and it works, says Buttock own son Emperor Hynne Jarkäs vincas eye to the supplier. Porno Company buttock Efforts first DVD releases “Blowjob and ass” and “Vade retro, Straight!” published on these views midsummer 2010. The publication will be preceded by a couple of years-long buttock Tour-promotion tour.