Cowboy Showdown

Wild East Jouni fought against evil! 

near the eastern border is strange. NOSORI! reached out their hands on footage of the city of Lappeenranta free and vibrant nightlife: celluloid saved the situation is pure Sergeo Leonia! Anonymous WHC called a saloon in the lobby for about posteeraanut Hynynen selätti not a wild horse, but a mysterious Juntti. situation eskapiloitui on Sunday morning, when the drinks were being undermined leather teats will enjoy a lone rider Jounin gastric and saddlebags. “Naukkailin Bourbon tavern in the long wooden table, a swing doors marched in an obvious piece of shit”, röhisee hindsight, half-Indian, half-girl cabaree aikaasaannos. “I decided to ask the man in black news.” Eyewitnesses and NOSORI!: calved for the drunks to keep the same story: Saddle Hynynen uproar started by a mysterious man with the West. Glasses lush cheeks proudly complained revolver man stood calmly and took up what was given. “I will try with all their power to step through the man’s back, but ran out of pounding in between. Then fuck it no longer rähisemään, I ordered a beer pässikälle”. The story goes that the black-suited cowboy had been blind invalid. Avenger-Hynynen not comment, but pulls out a harmonica and pushing into the hanurilaukkuunsa.