In the jungle

Devil to pay and the mask’s eye – an adventure tour 

is not run out of high adventure times from Finland: The Phantom is here again! Description of an anonymous group of the image the file can not calculate a lie. Vaguely NOSORI!’s Delivery into the hands of the calculated hälveen document to remove in the future – you will see it is saved. figure to interpret the facts is a small list: Black Mask is some kind of quick movement in demanding adventure under the spell. Apparently some kind of intense fighting against the enemy savior is clearly a vibrant and jungle as the saying goes: “Before the dog pee runs out as Mustanaamiolta forces”. Picture of blond, subject to the power of identity is under Sala. cases the police are short comments, as well as faculty. No one is able to explain in more detail the origin of the photo.  NOSORI! remains the only significant news medium to follow the course of events. One of the power that comes from a forest to the drum frequency will be increased in the near future known … As Devil-dog knows, “is always a danger Mustanaamiolla near the hole in the iron and loaded.” Also, the term “Black Mask does not pee, not pasko before the injustice is corrected,” is well suited for. Not far away is the accuracy of all the following: “Women, beware – The Phantom has found you.”