Over the last Saturday afternoon began Konttuisissa verenpalttuisissa features as well. Local authorities received a second-hand information uhrikkaasta, which was still called on Friday as “a living human being.” Bizarre murder work classifies it as a factor suspected: 
a genuine Finnish gull flock. a local collision deer farm to be reached for the municipal Porsa estimated worth seagulls behavior: “Would it be a victim-gull relationship built for childhood causal yhteyskytkösten pinkeästä online?” speculates Dr. viiksissään deer colostrum. police industrious, painstaking intelligence work fruition case from one of the eyewitnesses come off the true story of a wild animal, and human encounter with an unnatural now being presented to the public for the first time. Report sweep of consciousness of the dark side and wounding more skeptical of the added value of the certificate against the faith. “Kakeksi” we call a man a person of 65 years will now NoSori!: For they saw the horrors of the bloodiest detail whether painting. EDITORIAL WARNING. All the following is a copy of the National Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of the folders in the material is not recommended for anyone. The story is presented in a series of follow-up, as it is long, as well as verbally and emotionally difficult to read. 

Part 4/5: Clarity

The man had gotten into the topic, as well as enthusiasts, a little taste of my brother’s company and became kysyneeksi him as follows: 
– I think you really keep drinking has not it?, he gamble löppäsuisesti beer dripping off corners of the mouth. Part Lives became serious immediately, and looked now completely straight face with cold man, who thought the already badly mistaken. The answer was a low voice: – I adore humaltumusta, this is explained. I shall try holiness like kelluntatilaan, soft cotton wool, which lies in the end of the Holy Brotherhood, the highest priest of the log where the lowest viinarattikin, that’s a real equality. 
And he led the continuing even more: – Do not you see the log path? It always starts with the desperation and anxiety, which you can not determine the origin. You’re starting to törttöilemään with booze. First goes to a reputation among your fellowmen, then all the possible circuits. After this, you no longer have neighbors. Loyalty to yourself to stop, start self-kusettamisen thread. Exclaim hardship to yourself in the end, even if you feel the same conscience pihtiotteen throttling your throat: you have to blame for everything. My friends, after all, so that it is easier to go downhill, toward pohjamutia. 
– You seem to escape from something or what? You’ve been in since the morning vaguely anxious for some time? You know tarkoituksemuutta and thoughts to wander around this here? But you know what? He tried to arouse interest. – All of this already saw Gull much earlier, as if to guard the non-hamburger grillikiskalla, therefore, You, a novice, you are here with me. That abstract feather wreathed animal took you under their wing, remember when I said the first meeting in front of Siwan? 
Male nodded fervently, and said: – I see. I see finally over drink label, perherituaalin, communion, (all of that that exists over), what I did not see bristly been taught lapsensilmilläni because you took me to your slumbering, clean, bustling, oily lapsenmaksani fathers, which I think just overwhelmed by the fulfillment and is barely holding back rush the newly-found purpose towards! And all this for only a small number of you, but your words arouse the guidance! A long time I tried to be someone other than myself, for me to adapt to the environment to the expectations. Nothing is ever enough, he always had to improve. Procrastinate even own my needs and desires of my nice to get something more exclusive value later. I walked a long time properly in a civilized slice, which I really enjoyed, but I was ashamed of the whole hustle and I was shy with people with the lowest own.But now all of that has been uncovered and convicted, hail Seagull, hail the log of the Holy Brotherhood! And so he poured a beer bottle full of long sentences to dry maw twist technology vintage blank, determined as the customs man. Dirty hohotti friend like Santa Claus partner and wanted to make it clear something. – This is your future, said bum outright and grimaced ugly toothless kidallaan. – Will you be ready?, she poked and face only the white parts of the eyeballs vilkuivat ugly red suonittuneina. – I prayed for time management of dental service station doors in the morning, but personal hygiene was profoundly poor, löyhkäsin so much. I was sent off, and the point I did not care, because I was against the Holy Lokinveljeskunnassa. Any corrodes our lifestyles bipolar digestive system before too long, as you may älysitkin. The condition of acid is corrosive to the branch, and curried petsaa permanently toughest leather Metropolitan Area, rings from the fingers, neck chains and spectacle frames across. So long put up with myself, but that time was soon over. The correct answer to this Spirit is: do not worry, banish kuralle. I wanted to kill myself promise, but it was not necessary, because for me it was your very own log irstaassa my part in the play. Well, how is that you join the Holy Lokinveljeskuntaan? A man thought for a moment only to respond with care: – At that can only reply that I think I’m the devil, to provide internal öljykylpyjä by Seagull and guide the use of a large palm. The earlier days of my life are truly behind me and the new manual is written strongly Log coats! Nevermind kuralle shit! Reportaazhi: NOSORI!’s kenttäreportterit Migho and Rippe