MYSTIC epidemic


strange epidemic moves in the streets of Helsinki, brothels, saloons, and gateways. Only in rare artists contagious virus causing panic among highly knowledgeable hippies. Pelokkaimmat are afraid to leave their homes longer. SORRY NO! it is, however, on the afternoon newspaper club circuit supplier to determine the mysterious course of the disease and its origin. – Sometimes a medical opus seen the suspicion would be that it really is huulikuppa, says the disease ravaged bass science radish Janne Hongisto. – Damn it, inside the mouth does not even keep up with semen, komppaa puuroisella voice performing arts surgeon Hissu Hietalahti. – Even if you plan to use your lips shut so that the nectar of life to find his way out of the nostrils even before I have time to swallow a concentrated dose, syphilis continues to fester actress bitterly. – Kuppako syphilis or not? decides he playfully opinion before, for practical reasons combined syphilis and alcohol clinic doors close, perhaps forever. Picture woman may play a role in the tragedy. Identification more difficult Hongisto’s eyes are blackened. Sorin received NO, really unreliable data according to the source of the disease may in all cases be suffering from the same woman or a man. – Yeah, that I have not, screaming percussionist Sinkkonen drooling over what it gets. – I only fuck with my hands, says Mr. Thumb Screw. The woman may not share the events I guess, I guess. Identification more difficult Sinkkonen voice has been changed. SORRY NO! will continue its investigations. The truth must be resolved before our country’s leading artists are left as the only syphilis.