NORWAY Eurovision win

I just fucking great!!??! 

– this is expected with cats and dogs!, picks up the brand new vocabulary for the Eurovision Song Contest winner Hongisto Norway. 
– I came, I almost saw, I won!, Hongisto clear the atmosphere, a personal reference to the smooth outer shape. – I may be blind, and hard-headed, but this time the jury knew what he was doing. Rewarded the Nordic low volume musician: I play bass and sing. Try to do the suit, the Finns normal! Hongisto hogging public avalanche of votes mini hit biisiksi The formed Pelle Pelle Ar still om du bows Hon på butter -compositions. now musically empty sack lunch Hongisto aims, however, already elsewhere: in the 2008 Biathlon World Cup. – Singing is just a hobby. In fact, I want to succeed in shooting small animals in the forest. Picture and Text: NOSORI!’s special delivery