Tikkala as liberators PRINCE barnacles on the move … AGAIN 
… AND AGAIN without medication! 

SORRY NO! the only online media 
– in this country, not the government be set up without my permission and my presence, says that the North Karelia business emirate and in integrating the tip of the brightest intellectuals in their own press conference ravintolavaunussaan NO SORIlle when other media conspicuous by their absence. – I promise to be referred to Parliament new ideas, scents Tikka child, will continue to bring the human and the abomination of the intermediate. NO Sorin kysellessä that I wonder what those new impetus to be great, will answer as Alko’s off the shelf: – Kennelmäisiä excerpts of primary school education, only the liquor tax to the tax authorities and the powers of the Cabinet to be located here, even just in my living room! The perfect dictatorship Tikkala, Helsinki, leaving only the score, says that music hobby fat umpinatsi Holocaust fragrance breath deflecting off the train dining car from the walls looking a long way down the chimney to freedom. – Tikkala national ticket in my hand I go to Helsinki on top, stop the dictator Strangelove opinion on the image and the text: no one will recognize