Shapes of torment

Wandering Ghost: “I love animals,” 

For once, the police were properly wonder, when I was wandering ghost lemiläiseltä removed from farm by force. For several months that lasted for unauthorized presence, host family, in the words of “hellish sodomy and riekkuminen”, ended sergeant Jorma model resembling a task force to intervene. Lemin Sergeant Jorma Mällinen, what exactly happened? – We received a complaint Jorma shapes of [name changed] farm in November 2007, when we made ​​a note to the calendar . In the following months, so to speak, we tried to take the bull by the horns, but the strategy meeting … or well, one of the men department, Piipponen, got härältä syphilis. Now Piipponen is already dead. – The situation continued to be violent ways to do surveys. As early as March this year, we received over the situation. Lemi-Savitaipale-Taipalsaari-departmental common Bear Group borrowed library room nurse, and a taxi to get rynnäköimme wandering ghost out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, the well started rynnäköinti tyssäsi host family offered pullakahveihin and konjamiininaukkuihin. Wandering ghost was a “self-published in changing the side and sat on the table like any other guy.” Apparently Bear Group IDs men vests attracted sinipukuisessa adventurer Hurme feeling.