SorinNo Shock Revelation


Tikkala Chancellor Janne “Göyrin” Hongisto came out of the closet. This unique event was witnessed by a representative of the media as the only shit NO SORRY! – Damn, I have lived all my life with my eyes side, as in a dream, says that vibrating ihmisaladoopi slurred, whiskey voice marinating NO Sorin delivery of telephone answering machine at about four o’clock in the morning. – You do not understand. You soooo do not understand, man will continue tragic fall drunk monologiaan, which is only a machine is listening. The outpouring of tearful after the call is disconnected. Sorin NO delivery landed the next morning voicemails, is a journey Tikkala fact.Tikkala is Finland’s only real Play Mansion, Huge Hongisto gazebo with this Tikkala independence and vääräuskoiskysymyksen definitive solution to the illegal driving and boundless love grater maintains headquarters.Arrival expect desolate sight. Hongisto huorahaaremi freezing in the yard, crying inconsolably. – Hjuvi’s over now, I no longer djunne Janne hjerpeksen scarred hjuulia wandering njännipihoillani, or his limp kjaluaan double shisälläni, may be one of the ripulilutka said. outdoors is a funeral, in turn, was celebrated the birth. There, we were greeted by fresh buns and coffee smells wonderful symphony. There, we were greeted by the cheerful, visibly better voiva, brave new man who playfully demonstrates the photographers in a moment, when the new world was born gay. – Here’s how it happens. We all closet gays will not bring us herons, before joking that the brutality and indiscriminate rage well-known ex-first person, present a sophisticated and quite a nice gay. – What happens now independent Tikkala? Who’s driving the autonomy issue now, when Reich is clearly just a prick in mind, ask NO SORRY! – Oh, you silly Höpö equal, it was the devil, who spoke to me. Hid tenderness and uncertainty in the brutality and aggression. Now try to Tikkala new homommat times. Does the supplier ass by the way, to stop this Tom of Tikkala opinion. SORRY NO! Hongisto will follow the development of homosexuality. A little worried, to be admitted.