The Communists

Sticking to the “Russki” off! The film’s producer Sieger Ratsbai fighting art was! 

Imatra the Nuokko Voilanen experienced the surprise of their lives during the Friday tomorrow. Intermittent claudication was an alcoholic retired. thought he had reached already “dry”, but did not know the future shock of absolutely nothing. – “Bad luck drunk,” was the doctor’s opinion, comments Nuokko Voilanen Department once again stuck in the pipe. Voilanen had come across a description of the group, which captures the genuine communist par’aikaa porn in the countryside. Near the border served as a film crew consisted of three of the graph, the four sound engineers and eighteen director, performing in the film as actors, writers and keitraajina.The situation is characterized by very phrase “something for everyone”. – Auctions, shooting and horseplay was borne kilometers. They made ​​it like a machine. It did not matter gender or age, all had the same seeding to work. It just had to hieraisemaan eyes. NOSORI!’s special foreign changer discovered elokuvausryhmän producer address, but the interview is not herunut. The full report was, after all, so fuck it up We planned to hyllyyttää NOSORI.TV’s website. – Shit is like a chocolate box. At some point, not only to cope swallow any more, says chief Hynynen. In the future, the texts are invited Indonesian fuss Journal PO HONOGAN!: Evening, with a lot of juicy stories about funny little yellow vipeltäjistä. For example, the previous week, next Wednesday in the capital of Indonesia Ding dong someone tried to push a Chinese palm neighbor to the anus.