Your label on myself

Over the last Saturday afternoon began Konttuisissa verenpalttuisissa features as well. Local authorities received a second-hand information uhrikkaasta, which was still called on Friday as “a living human being.” Bizarre murder work classifies it as a factor suspected: 
a genuine Finnish gull flock. a local collision deer farm to be reached for the municipal Porsa estimated worth seagulls behavior: “Would it be a victim-gull relationship built for childhood causal yhteyskytkösten pinkeästä online?” speculates Dr. viiksissään deer colostrum. police industrious, painstaking intelligence work fruition case from one of the eyewitnesses come off the true story of a wild animal, and human encounter with an unnatural now being presented to the public for the first time. Report sweep of consciousness of the dark side and wounding more skeptical of the added value of the certificate against the faith. “Kakeksi” we call a man a person of 65 years will now NoSori!: For they saw the horrors of the bloodiest detail whether painting. EDITORIAL WARNING. All the following is a copy of the National Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of the folders in the material is not recommended for anyone. The story is presented in a series of follow-up, as it is long, as well as verbally and emotionally difficult to read. 

Part 5/5: Festival depths

After some time, when you have done pamputetut putkareissun Brothers had reached the police custody, over a dozen tainted and rowdy drunks laumaantui an abandoned sawmill. Bruises and other injuries, and they were presented kerskailtiin. Man’s attention was drawn immediately to the outcasts energetic way to pull alcohol products blatantly insides. Pure humalanhakuisuus, the on-off type of hazing seemed to be the new life view the hard core. Sahanpurujauhoa gradually fell out of the neck yläparrujen the dark. The man felt the cuckoo chick in the nest log, log the protective wing, oppressed, humiliated the point, miserable subjection, ready to receive what it had to offer track log? and take. changed Wonder quick knit take-off increasingly strong euphoria mode, but small talk with my friends dropped out of focus tötterömäiseksi narrower beam, until he own thoughts familiar rooms. Wonderful luuhistuminen was inevitable. handed Male Loki screaming what little he no longer was, little short of self-respect, a dab of faith in a better, young life curl? and liver. – Stupid kauneuspilkut our lives are small pyrskähdyksissä who can rush rush past us: half sikarintumpissa beard caught räkämöykystä. Thread the end of the hangover vomit on the evening. Very osuneessa fist attack the opponent’s diaphragm. The beauty of condemnations to shit and its destruction on many levels. Precisely why the drummer to try to intentionally drink ourselves stunned, and then we expect to happen bizarre, grotesque things. But the memories of the event object is tallettele, so at the end of gang task is to convey this magic moment later, from which gushes even more embarrassed warm joy upon us. It all works and it’s so beautiful! And it turned out so predictably that there was a log in Wonderland, a man changed that night in an abandoned sawmill wood dust and dimness pathetic warm bag, which kirskahteli many of the uncertainties increases ilmoille sound. The man had enough yet been able to obtain their intention to the public, that it might be as soon as tomorrow from the message itself works, if you could. The performance ended in spectacular running swirling vomiting St. log Brotherhood of the district in the middle of ruining finally upon dressed in a little coat, and their status as worthy of society’s basic member. – Quite a valid sample, arvotti hierarchy, the highest priest, risuparta con man and turned the stomachs inside out have diverted the recovery position, that goes out is choked to death on vomit, tasted the beer from the bottle and poured the rest of man’s domination over the mark. Neither does? With pork? needed to keep the rituals. Seagull redeemed man badly. Morning arrived grisly sawmill, which had stayed the shabby gang. Man after another rose to the floors, benches and tables over who or whom in fucked the shit out energized, moving as slow winter unettamat flies. The first morning pee chervil powerfully, in a fun and glistening as yellow as the bastard ever can. Gulls swarming above it all, always curious liidellen hare rely on air currents. Most of the veivareilla was nauseating to some extent, but I felt like a man from hell. The actual filling was not in the stomach, but vomiting work was carried out immediately, and it does not need to place spurned. But the same size makuuksille clown blank. Drink of the femur on the back and all eyes seemed to whisper in their speech stitches kivistävillä temples. Log teach words echoed clearly in mind as soon as a sour taste in the mouth mässyttäessään. And before you switch off this night, you will pass the reduction mode, which you are unable to identify or remember, other than non-reportedly through. And in that moment you are and you live in full, and the past is lost, and not worried about the future, there is only this moment and screeching seagulls. – Hiphei! Longer working life and move out of the street. Life shit. Hit rock bottom, I will come. The man muttered to himself, and prepared for a full day George of the thread. Shame heaters kylmettynyttä face. Reportaazhi: NOSORI!’s kenttäreportterit Migho and Rippe